Our Services Range

We have extensive experience with all disciplines of Industrial Bolting. We can provide assistance and direction with our extensive line of state of the art tooling.

Our commitment to unparalleled quality continues with our full-line of repair services. Our repair technicians offer years of industry experience, and they have the knowledge to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your tool or pump, so you can get it back and get back to work. All repairs are handled by Boltorq certified technicians, so you know you're getting great service you can count on.

Regardless of your repair needs, our factory trained technicians and on-staff mechanical engineers can guarantee you a solution. Boltorq offers preventive and corrective maintenance programs on our complete product line: Square drive hydraulic torque tools, Low profile hydraulic torque tools, pneumatic torque tools, hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic torque tool pumps, flange spreaders, nut splitters, electric torque tools and hydraulic pumps.

Controlled Bolting Services

BOLTORQ fully trained and competency assessed field service engineers inspire confidence that all bolting operations, whether torque or tension, will be carried out efficiently and safely. Our field service engineers will confirm that correct bolt loads are achieved and not just applied, ensuring leak-free bolted connections.

Torque Services

As a service company and a manufacturer of quality products calibrated to high certification standards, BOLTORQ can supply hands-on field service engineers and all torque equipment for safe bolting needs. Boltorq offers a comprehensive range of torque services, providing the required accuracy and consistency necessary for safe, bolted joint solutions.

Tension Services

Various industries have highlighted the need to apply accurate bolt loading in a controlled and safe manner. Increasingly we see that this is achieved using hydraulic bolt tensioners. Bolt tensioning offers the ability to tension or de-tension all studs simultaneously. Our wealth of experience is perfectly suited to cope with the wide variation of bolt tensioning applications.

Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

BOLTORQ can perform machining across a wide application range due to its best in class offering of portable pipe cutting inventory. With an industry leading max cutting capacity of 4495.8mm(177”) OD, BOLTORQ has the equipment for your diverse range of applications.


We are one of the prominent service providers of plant Erection Services. Available with us at cost effective prices, our services are known for reliability, timely execution, and endurable efficiency. We have appointed skillful engineers for effective of services. These engineers make use of different tools and equipment to render these services.


We are the extremely reliable service provider of superior quality fabrication services. Our fabrication services are imparted by our dexterous professionals with massive awareness in their precise domain. These accomplished professionals guarantee proper understanding of client’s needs in order to optimally make happy them.


With years of experience, we are able to provide Process Plant Commissioning Services to the clients. These services are offered within the stipulated time frame and at most economic rates in market. We understand the clients’ specific requirements and then execute the operation accordingly. Our services are rendered by making use of well documented procedures for pre-commissioning, commissioning and developing the relevant SOP

Flange Spreading

A leak-free start up is a goal more readily achieved by replacement of worn or damaged gaskets, however, this operation can be time consuming. Moving pipes out of alignment to access gaskets can prove a major task. Highly skilled BOLTORQ field service engineers can quickly access gaskets using our purpose-built flange spreaders to access gasket integrity and replace as necessary.

Pipe Alignment-Flange Pulling

Avoid delays caused by the commonly occurring misalignment of pipe with BOLTORQ flange puller, professionally operated by our field service engineers to quickly orientate pipes and make the connection with a minimum of downtime.

Seized Nut Splitting

BOLTORQ nut splitting service quickly removes seized and corroded nuts, without damage to existing studs, ensuring all deadlines are achieved.

Only BOLTORQ treats the bolted joint like a weld

BOLTORQ Joint Integrity approach is dedicated to ensuring the design, assembly, tightening, inspection, and management of a bolted flange joint meets the same quality control and assurance requirements as a welded joint.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement

Achieving the correct load in a bolt is a more complex science than it may first appear. Variables such as friction, temperature and machining tolerance can all dramatically affect the residual load in a bolt after force has been applied. BOLTORQ ultrasonic bolt load measurement service provides assurance for all critical applications.

Line Boring

Innovative solutions for on-site machining within power generation, ship building and mining industries. Applications include steam and gas turbine cases, wicket gates, upper and lower seal rings, pumps, rudder and rudder posts, stern tubes, excavator booms and buckets as well as loader articulating joints.

Milling and Drilling

Because you have high tolerance assets that require refurbishment, BOLTORQ inventories a full array of 2-axis and 3-axis milling machines along with full CNC controlled portable bolt extraction and thread refurbishment machines for removal of snapped or seized studs. Additional applications include resurfacing of pitted or misaligned surfaces, shaft keyways, facing and grooving of flanges and heat exchangers as well as pump, motor and machine bedplates.

On-Site Machining Services

BOLTORQ executes on-site repairs, improvements and modifications within oil & gas , nuclear, wind, mining, offshore and industrial markets. Highly qualified field service engineers along with a wide range of mobile machinery ensure quality without compromise.
Portable machining is ideal for turning, drilling, milling, and grinding of plant components. BOLTORQ offers all the facilities of a fully equipped machine shop right where it is needed – on-site, significantly reducing downtime and costs associated with dismantling and transportation.

Flange and Joint Facing

BOLTORQ provides on-site repair or refurbishment of this critical asset due to erosion resulting from gasket leaks or damage resulting from handling or installation. we maintain equipment to work with a multitude of different surface dimensions and flange profiles.

Informant Software

BOLTORQ can quickly assess the suitability of equipment to fit particular joints through its bolting calculation software Informant and Boltup, or in more complex cases via the technical support teams based in our regional facilities.

Grinding and Turning

BOLTORQ maintains portable machining solutions for the refurbishment of journals, tires, trunnions and other large rollers.
Because your needs extend past standard machining applications, BOLTORQ stocks a wide range of specialty machines and bolt-on accessories which expand the operational capabilities of a typical machine configuration. Coupled with an experienced engineering staff, BOLTORQ has the on-site service solution for your most demanding applications.


We provide various customized solutions in form of Assembly & Service Tools to save down time in assembly & servicing and to have reliable and precision way of dismantling and reassembly while servicing of the equipment. Point of difference in environment for the attending person in manufacturing assembly shop and sight is to be considered. Various assembly tools & equipments have been supplied to Cummins group.

Blasting & Painting

Keeping in sync with the times, we offer a wide array of Industrial Painting. These protective coatings are applied by skilled professionals on anything from floors to ceilings. Proper surface preparation is very important for the job to have a long life. The professionals, first analyze the surface need and only after doing so the processed further. Making use of the most appropriate methods, we render these solutions to the clients.

Overhauling & Maintenance

We are highly committed to provide flexible, cost effective and responsive solution to the market that empowers us to Maintenance Services to the clients. For timely completion of treatment plant maintenance services, we have made use of technically advanced machines and tools. We make sure that the damaged component of the plant is changed with original ones.

On-line Leak Sealing Services

BOLTORQ history of developing innovative technologies continues with the addition of on-line leak sealing services, helping to avoid production losses and unscheduled plant shutdowns. Our expert leaks sealing knowledge ensures leaks are efficiently and permanently fixed.
With continuous on-call availability, our on-line leak sealing of flanges, bonnets, valves and fitting offers a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for leaks. With a right first time philosophy, safety is ensured and environment performance prioritised while plant downtime and costs are reduced to a minimum.
We repair leaks on flanges, pipelines, stuffing boxes and valves under full pressure and temperature in a variety of industries, including: power plants, petrochemical and chemical industries, utility companies and other manufacturing industries. BOLTORQ has a certificate in the field of leak sealing of plant components under operation according to UVV VGB 2.

Rental Services

At BOLTORQ we provide a total solution for all of your bolting requirements utilizing the latest technology to drive the highest standard of service. Our experienced and competent technicians deliver major shutdown support services – project planning, design, engineering, equipment, trained technicians, IT systems support, onsite/offsite transfer and supply and support service

Our specialists also offer complete project management of all bolting requirements from start to finish, including the design of tightening procedures, advice on preferred equipment to be utilized, on the job installation and tightening, and post job reporting.

We use the safest, most advanced and versatile equipment in the industry which, when combined with our specialist integrity support provides an unparalleled service to our clients. Our total job capability uniquely positions us to provide a full project solution without the requirement for multiple contractors.

Why is Joint Integrity so important?

Irrespective of location or whether onshore or offshore, studies show that the majority of flange leaks are attributable to procedural, process or operational failings. Surprisingly, few are due to technical reasons. Fundamentally, it’s people and their competencies that prevent leaks. These fundamentals are the heart of Boltorq joint integrity services.
Environmentally responsible and safety focused installations commonly record leaks and report leak size and frequency as a metric. The intent is to demonstrate improvement both to stakeholders and legislative bodies, and ultimately eliminate leaks completely.
Boltorq understands these leak investigations and the need to demonstrate year after year leak reductions, Our process is wholly compliant, we meet the requirements for safety and environmental management systems, ageing and life extension provisions, and provide permanent databases with traceable and easily retrieved joint data.
Joint Integrity allows organizations to fully meet the demanding safety, environmental, and external compliance standards. Only BOLTORQ has a proven track record for delivering assured joint integrity.
Nearly all process plants depend on either welded or bolted joints. A welded joint must comply with numerous mandated procedures and competency requirements to assure quality. But a bolted flange joint has historically had few such requirements, even though it serves the same purpose -pressurised process containment.

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