Parameter Chart :-

ATWH series is the professional Low profile hydraulic torque wrench which BOLTORQ extends in international market. Compared with the square drive hydraulic torque wrench, this series work directly on the nuts, and its body suits well in the narrow space. ATWH covers the nuts from S19 to S175.To fulfill all different working situations, the user can just replace the hexagon cassette because the hexagon cassette is changeable, or add the reducer. BOLTORQ provide after-sales service all over the world, and already got the approved by TUV certificate.

Series Hexagon Cassette Selection Chart :-

Every model of ATWH power head covers a complete set of hexagon cassette, combines all the bolt size within its torque range. When choosing the correct hexagon cassette, ensure the distance between bolt and equipment partition must larger than the distance of “A”. Pay attention that there is enough space between bolts. The “A” and “R” in below table will be helpful.

Reducer :-

Reducer work together with the ATWH Ratchet link. One single Ratchet link is suitable for many bolts sizes.(for the reducer, please contact BOLTORQ engineer)

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